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Denver Pain Management
Denver Pain Management

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We  have developed a multi-modal approach towards pain management and have  most of your needs in house including a pain management physician,  Chiropractor, massage therapist, and pain counselor.

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Decreasing  your pain and its impact on your personal and professional  life is our  first and foremost concern. We deliver a complete program of  unique,  “state of the art” pain control techniques to help you.

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Our  multi-modal approach will increase your activities of daily living and  allow you continued improvement and enrichment in life.   


Pain Management

Pain  control is a complicated, often debilitating medical problem that can  have a  major impact on your physical and mental well-being. The  physicians at  Denver Pain Management Associates offer a comprehensive  range of  services for patients suffering from acute or chronic pain.

  • Massage Therapy
  • Chiropractic Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Psychological Therapy
  • Non-surgical spinal interventions: joint injections, epidurals, radiofrequency ablation
  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Pharmacologic (non-opioid and opioid)
  • Supplements

Regenerative Medicine in Denver, Denver Pain Management Associates, Denver.

Back Pain
Back Pain
Denver Pain Management Approach to Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain, Our Approach

Pain Medication Program

Opioid  abuse is epidemic, however, deserving patients are being  denied in  situations where a monitored program of opioid therapy would result in a  higher quality of life. 

Our program:

  • Select Patients   - “right patient for the right problem” - no cookie cutter programs.
  • Careful assessment and monitoring of medications
  • Evaluate additional treatment options
  • Ensure patient safety and effectiveness of treatment

DPMA special focus is on:

  • Establishing and treating the actual source of pain
  • Addressing the complication of insomnia that frequently accompanies chronic pain
  • Addressing the Depression that frequently accompanies chronic pain.

DPMA special focus is on:

  • Establishing and treating the actual source of pain
  • Addressing the complication of insomnia that frequently accompanies chronic pain
  • Addressing the Depression that frequently accompanies chronic pain.

DPMA Pain Med Program is designed to be  truly  compliant with all regulatory mandates from the CDC, CPME, FDA,  DEA, and  published best practices guidelines.   This ensures maximum  safety and  effectiveness for each patient’s needs.

Our Program includes:

  • Initial Evaluation and Review of history
  • Full Lab Screening
  • Pharmacogenetic testing to enable rational selection of appropriate medications
  • Adjunct Psych evaluation and supportive treatment
  • Ongoing monitoring via urine drug screening to comply with regulatory guidelines
  • Assessment Using the “Advanced Dissolution, Absorption, Metabolism (ADAM)” Model
  • Instruction in the use of rescue Naloxone and other appropriate prescriptions to manage the side effects of Opioid therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy

The  current medical environment has ushered into several regenerative  medical advancements that allow medical professionals to be able to  treat major musculoskeletal issues resulting from injuries both acute  (strains) and chronic (arthritis) in addition to systemic disease such as Parkinson's Disease.

Chronic Pain, an Overview


Dr. Erik Natkin, DO


Dr.  Natkin, although not a true Colorado native, has lived off-and-on in the Denver area since 1987.   He was born in California and  moved to  Germany with his family at the age of 11 when his father, a   Psychiatrist, re-enlisted with our Armed Forces.   After completing 6 grade through first year of college in Germany he moved to Boulder, Colorado to pursue college at the University of Colorado.  After an eclectic career background including environmental chemistry, owner/operator of a small construction-contractor company, and computer  information technology he eventually returned to his earlier pursuit  of  medicine and moved to Los Angeles, California for medical school.    He  then spent a year in Denver, Colorado completing a year of general  surgery and then to Oregon for orthopedic surgery residency training.  Upon leaving Oregon he has focused his medical career on the treatment of patient pain management needs.  His diverse background in life and   medical education have suited his patients with a pleasurable and satisfying medical experience.

When not at work and attending to  his patients  needs, Dr. Natkin is an avid cyclist and enjoys cycling, snowboarding, scuba  diving, music, movies, theater and art, travel, and a good book. 

Dr. Kyle Stengle, DC


Our in house a Chiropractor has an extensive background in chiropractic treatment modalities including non-surgical traction.  His manipulation is gentle as he gets to know and understand your pathology to obtain maximum results.  

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